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About Us

KCL Consulting NW, Inc.

Our Experience 

We are committed to the small business community having worked with various industries ranging from tech start-ups, contractors, and non-profits to law firms, medical professionals, and trade associations. Our passion for small business has been supporting the financial, HR, payroll, and management needs for these industries and many like them over the last two decades.

Meet our Team

Meet our Team

Portland, Oregon
kellie elite.png
Owner of KCL Consulting NW with over 30 years experience helping companies with Financial, HR, Payroll, and Management Operations. Kellie established KCL Consulting NW, Inc in 2000 to provide full accounting, payroll, and systems implementation services for small businesses. Kellie has also been a licensed Health & Life Insurance agent, who understands how important benefit management and license compliance is in today's  marketplace. Kellie is also a licensed Notary Public
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